1. The abstracts must be typed in Indonesian and English with a maximum of 250 words.
  2. The abstracts must be created in Microsoft Word format, using the Times New Roman font size 12, using A4 page setting and single spacing with justified alignment.
  3. Abstract submission deadline is April 30th, 2018.
  4. The headers of the paragraph for research paper are Background, Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusion. The headers for case report or series are Introduction, Case, and conclusion.
  5. The full name of the authors (main and co-authors) including name of organization, institution, university or office must be fully mentioned, and the name of the main author must be written at the front and underlined.

Posters :

  1. The poster session will be held according to the schedule of the committee
  2. The size of the poster is 90 x 120 cm
  3. The letters and illustrations on the poster should be readable from a distance of at least 1 (one) meter.
  4. The full name and office of all authors and co-authors (name of organization, institution, university or office) must be mentioned.
  5. Participants must be present at the time of posters assessment by the jury
  6. Participants must provide 5 copies of full text for the commitee.

General terms and conditions:

  1. All poster participants must be registered as symposium participants and have completed their registration and payment processes. The abstracts will not be processed until the committee has accepted the registration fee.
  2. The topic of the abstract is related to Neurology.
  3. It has to be sent online via email in the form of MS Word to
  4. All participants will receive a confirmation email from the commitee regarding the abstract submission.
  5. Posters will be displayed on , 2018 at 08.00-16.00 WIB and all poster presenters are encouraged to stand by their posters for discussion with the jury and participant at that time.
  6. Posters should be installed by 10.00 and dismantled after 16.30 at the date.


For further information, Please contact Poster and Presentation Division

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